Thursday, January 2, 2014

Oristano and Vicinity

December 21, 2013

The hotel in Oristano was difficult to find because it was in the middle of a piazza, but our experience is that most hotels (and anything else) are difficult to find.  Michael found it on the internet and it was a very good price and was located fairly close to the church.  We decided to try it and were very glad we did.  The hotel had been converted from a residence just a few months earlier.  Each room was very different and decorated with antiques.  It really was different from anything we had ever stayed in--and we have stayed in some really unique places.  We were a little shocked when we went to breakfast the next morning when everything was served on very delicate antique dishes.

Just across the piazza was the Cathedral of Oristano.  That, too, was a real treasure to see.  Sometimes we wish we had hours to just explore, but for the next couple of years we will be content to take a quick peak.  (The option would be to not be in Italy on a mission and that's not a good option because we love being here and serving the Lord.)

On our way out of Oristano, we stopped at a little village called Sisis.  It was very small and was surrounded on both sides by water.  The Church of St. John of Sinis was built in the 6th century.  It is very well preserved even if it is covered in moss.

Hotel Regina d'Arborea

Antique dishes

Original artwork

Dining room

Miscellaneous items belonging to original owners of home that have been put on display at the hotel

Beautiful vaulted ceiling

Original tree decorations

Cathedral of Oristano

Almost all churches have nativity sets in them at Christmas time, but Sardegna always has the most sheep in theirs.

Forest themed nativity

Artichoke Farm

Chiesa di S. Giovanni di Sinis or Church of St. John of Sinis was built in the 6th century AD

Baptismal Font

Chiesa di S. Giovanni di Sinis

Old house in Sinis

Christmas tree made of coke cans at a service station

La Bufana - the good witch that brings children gifts on January 6 - probably a more important day than Christmas in Italy


  1. I love those coastal photos. They remind me of a favorite place in Maine. Also, I think I should adopt January 6th as a holiday. I better tell my mom! ;)

  2. Wow, Just WoW! Those are such a huge arrangement of pictures and places, but it seems so neat!

  3. Oh wow! Amazing pictures Mom!

  4. Jay would love the forest themed nativity, the artichoke farm was so different than I would imagine it looked like they were growing on giant thistles, the coke can tree was crazy.