Saturday, January 11, 2014

Water Damage

We have had some major water damage at the villa.  As a result, Michael's office and our bathroom both had major water damage.  The leakage came from a leaky pipe in the floor of the bathroom above.  It's taken a very long time to figure it out and get it fixed, but we hope we are finally at the end.  It's taken months.  We have 5 bathrooms in the villa.  At one time 4 of them were out of service and the good one in the basement had a burned out light bulb.  We were told the repairs should be done by the time we got back from one of our trips to a zone conference.  When we got back, not only was it not finished, but the workers had completely removed the floor, the walls and the ceiling from the upstairs bathroom and they had broken a hole into the wall of the adjoining bathroom on the other side.  Walls here are basically concrete with plaster over it--unlike the wood frame with sheetrock we are used to.  The room looked like a cave.  The villa was built in 1924 so it's a very old home and some repairs are to be expected.  It's been an interesting process.  One we hope never to repeat.

Master bath


There are two bathrooms side by side.  This is/was the good bathroom.

How many people does it take to repair a bathroom.


  1. Wow no fun! I guess no one is free from the everyday challenges of life.

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