Friday, November 29, 2013

A Special Learning Experience

November 21, 2013

President Ribb of the General Young Men Presidency and Elder Osguthorpe who is President of the Genral Sunday School visited our mission and held special training sessions on effective teaching for the missionaries serving in the Rome and Palermo zones.  It was a wonderful opportunity for them.

Elder Ribb focused his comments on "real intent" and how important it is for missionaries to do everything with real intent.  He had a couple of elders come to the front of the room and do pushups and jumping jacks with real intent.  He then did a comparison between how missionaries exercise physically and how they exercise spiritually.  When they do finding or teaching, or even personal or companion study, they should do it with real intent.

President Osgudthorpe, General Sunday School

President Ridd, General Young Men

Brother and sister serving in the same mission.  We try to keep them apart, but sometimes it just doesn't work.  At least they are brother and sister.  We understand in a couple of months we will experience the challenge of keeping boyfriend and girlfriend apart.

Singing the Italy Rome Mission song

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