Friday, November 22, 2013

Palermo on the island of Sicily

November 16, 2013

There was a protest right underneath our balcony in Palermo the morning of the zone conference.

As we wound around the streets of Palermo on the way back to Catania, we saw lots of interesting sights through the car window.


  1. Serving as a missionary in the 70s, the little get-together below the balcony wouldn't have even registered. Both summers my district would go out to the fairs/celebrations put on by the political parties and their associated newspapers on the outskirts of town. We had some interesting chats and were able to let people know that we were in their city representing the Lord and his church--not our respective homelands--and our message transcended politics. We were able to teach some people because our response to their dismissive "Sono communista" was answered with "Then maybe you saw us at the 'Festa del'Avanti' last Saturday." We made a practice of going to where the people were, especially during the long, hot summer months.

    One Elder did have to apologize to his parents for winding them up with his account of the red banners and tents on the edge of town. This was long before e-mail and his letter explaining what it was all about apparently fell into the notorious postal black hole of August vacations, arriving after an anxious telephone call to the president from a father concerned his son was caught up in some sort of revolution. Ah, those were the days....