Saturday, November 23, 2013

New Apartment in Catlanisetta

November 16, 2013

Caltanisetta is a city that was just opened to the missionaries.  It's not too far from Enna, the other new city that just opened up for missionaries.  We stopped in to see the apartment, had lunch and gelato with the missionaries there, and then took them in the car with us to Enna to the stake conference meetings.

Most missionary apartments are really bare bones with only the necessities.  I wonder if the reason is so the apartments won't be appealing and entice the missionaries to spend too much time there or if it's so there aren't as many things for the missionaries to damage.  Missionaries can be pretty hard on apartments.

The apartment in Caltanisetta is huge.  It has a large living room area that will be used for church meetings once they have established investigators and new members.  (That will necessitate them keeping their apartment very clean.  I'm all in favor of that.)


  1. I love Missionaries no matter where they are, but when I see MY missionary on your blog it totally makes my day. Aren't they cute!!!

  2. Can't Tell you how much I appreciate all the photos of Elder Stephens.....Thanks, Darin and Maureen Stephens