Saturday, June 14, 2014

Italy's Senator Malan

June 12, 2014

President Diniciacci of the Rome West Stake requested that we host a dinner for Senator Lucio Malan of the Italian Government.  He is the senator who was directly responsible for making the LDS Church recognized in Italy.  The church has only been legally recognized for about two years now.

We had an Elder Malan serving in our mission and we had hoped to bring Senator Malan and Elder Malan together before he returned home after his mission, but it just never worked out.  Elder Malan and his family returned to Italy this week on a family vacation and the timing was such that Senator Malan was available to join us at the villa for dinner.

We had been traveling to zone conferences for three weeks and got back the night before the dinner, but still had a zone conference during the day of the dinner.  I didn't have a minute to shop or cook so a member of the church who lives in President Diniciacci's ward who is a professional chef prepared a delicious dinner for us.  He called it "Modern Mayan".  We asked the Assistants to come and help serve the meal.

President Waddoups observed that it was probably divinely inspired that it hadn't worked out to have the dinner before Elder Malan returned home because it was a great experience to have the whole family here and especially to have the father here who was so conversant on the family history and how the two family histories tied in together.

Mission President and Sister Waddoups, Stake President and Sister Diniciacci, Malan Family from Utah and Senator Malan from Italy

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