Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Spain Arrivals

June 24, 2014

We now have three new sister missionaries from the Spain MTC.  All three now live in Northern Italy, but one of them is originally from Columbia, one from Italy, and one from Portugal.  Our mission is very diverse.  Our missionaries come from all over the world, and the people in Italy whom they teach also come from all over the world.

We stopped at the Rome Temple Site for pictures and then stopped at a pizzeria for pizza.  We have driven past this little pizzeria for a year now and every time we comment we should stop there because it advertises a meter of pizza for 8 euros.  This time it worked out perfectly for us to stop.  We had the right amount of people, it was pranzo (lunchtime), and the line wasn't huge.  This was a special treat because we usually go straight to the mission office and have sandwiches.

Helping make transfer lunches

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